Volume I – Uppermaking for Bespoke & Orthopaedic Shoemakers (PREORDER)

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Uppermaking for Bespoke & Orthopaedic Shoemakers, Volume I "Patternmaking" Customers... mehr
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Uppermaking for Bespoke & Orthopaedic Shoemakers, Volume I

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Authors: Hartmut and Dustin Seidich
Language: English
Publisher: Hartmut Seidich
Publication date: June 2024
Number of pages: 300
Format: DIN A4
ISBN-13: 978-3946775-87-4

Contents e.g.
• Setting up a workplace for uppermaking
• Dress code
• Design
• Tools and aids for patternmaking
• Geometric system
• Different last copying methods
• Standard forme and detailed patterns
• Effects of thick inserts, upper padding and orthopedic counters
• Different shoe cuts
• And much more

For the first time, the craft of uppermaking is completely presented in these three volumes, which total approximately 600 pages, with hundreds of photos and graphics.  Nevertheless, each of the three volumes is a standalone text and comprehensively covers its respective topics.

More than a book!
Further interesting content is provided exclusively for readers on the website: www.uppermaking.com. Parallel to the three volumes, a comprehensive glossary of uppermaking is being published there. Digitized historical specialist books are made accessible and other interesting topics related to uppermaking are offered.

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